Semi Integrated Solar Street Light ISS20

BIS approved

IP65,  Class 1

ISS20 Series

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light

Weatherproof semi integrated Solar Street Light is avaiable in 9W ~40W with clear optics with 90% efficiency to redirect the light uniformly across area. 

All-in-one solar street light comes with dusk to dawn control with motion sensor Light will be switched on at dusk for 100 brightness for 2-3 minutes, if no motion is detected, brightness will reduce to 50 to save power and to provide best autonomy Motion detecting range is 12 meters

All vital operations of the system are fully visible to the end user which eases out the installation and operation of this

Wattage          : 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 30W, 36W, 40W

CCT                  : 5700K, 4000K, 3000K, 

CRI                    : >70

Beam Angle  : Clear optics  >160º,

Input Supply :  24 V DC by solar PV panel

Ta                        : -10ºC ~ 45ºC


  • Soft and comfortable light to relieve the fatigue of eyes.
  • Excellent CRI for actual colour reproduction.
  • Energy saving efficiency and low heat produce.
  • AL extrusion housing for excellent heat management.
  • Quick installation, special design.
  • Highly reliable professional design..


  • Service roads,
  • Manufacturing plant boundry. 
  • Open storage area
  • Parking Lots.
  • Remote area where grid can not be laid down.



  • Polycarbonate clear diffuser
  • High transmission 90%
  • Non-Removable

LED Driver

  • LED Driver
  • Dual PWM DC DC buck convertor
  • Efficiency 92%
  • PWM Frequency 30.53Khz,
  • Short circuit, open circuit,
  • O/V, U/V protection

Solar PV Panel 

  • Polycrystalline silicon
  • 3.2 mm low iron tempered glass
  • Low Reflection


  • Aluminium extrusion – Powder Coated
  • Excellent heat transfer

Charge Controller

  • Three Stage Battery Charge
  • Monitoring algorithm
  • PWM Frequency 25 Hz


  • 40mm OD pipe
  • Easy Installation.

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